Precision time in RCDB-SkyNav

RCDB SkyNav timestamping precision was improved for sensors that use a custom precision time format.

Comparison of protocols JETI Duplex and Duplex EX

The aim of this article is to compare original JETI telemetry protocol with its newer protocol JETI Duplex EX. Duplex EX is far from being new, but nevertheless I have not seen a comparison of those two. Tha articel will focus on the practical part, without getting into too much details (those can be found at JETI model homepage.

RCDroidBox DC/DS low voltage problem. (SOLVED)

The problem originally described in this article is has been solved. All customers that are using latest application from Google Play will not experience it.
If you are experiencing similar symptoms, first check the Settings/Power in the application. If you the settings are as expected, then please contact us directly at

Manual update of RCDroidBox firmware

Manual firmware update should be used when issue could not be fixed by the new Android software delivery. Or if the issue cannot wait for the next Android software delivery. For common use matching firmware is embedded in the Android software delivery and update is done automatically.

RCDroidbox Released on the 9th September

RCDroidBox has fulfilled requirements of CE certification as well as demands of modellers who were involved in beta-testing. It has been manufactured and will be available through JETI model retailers within short time. Installing the RCDroidBox Android application from Google Play gives you the fully featured demo, which allows you to explore all the RCDroidBox solution combinations just as if you were actually using the Bluetooth adapter.

RCDroidBox - telemetry on Android devices

The aim of the RCDroidBox is to be able to collect and process telemetry data produced by various systems from different manufacturers on a single platform. The platform selected is OS Android.The widespread use of Android on various mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) enables the greatest number of users to collect important data when flying their model airplane and have that data easily available.

Try RCDroidBox live at Toy Fair Nuremberg

The RCDdoidBox will be presented by the Hepf Modellbau company who are the JETI distributor for Germany. Visitors to the Toy Fair Nuremberg will have a unique opportunity to see the great progress we have made on the implementation of our system since our last presentation at the Model Hobby Fair. In the meantime we have improved all the existing RCDdoidBox functions and have also added new ones. For example we have now included support for Google maps as well as configurable voice output for all.
It is a great step forward for us that we now have a successfull partnership with the JETI model company, whose direct support allows us to supply compatibility between the RCDroidBox and Duplex system to the full JETI factory standard. In addition sales representatives of JETI will be representing us for RCDroidBox sales outside Czech Republic. renamed to JATAYA systems

Dear customers, friends, after two years spent with you as we have decided to change the name of our company to JATAYA systems. The reason for this was frequent misunderstandings caused by the former company name. Our comunication will by step by step transferred under new trademark. Thank you for your understaning during this transition phase.

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