RCDroidBox - telemetry on Android devices


What exactly is the RCDroidBox?
The aim of the RCDroidBox is to be able to collect and process telemetry data produced by various systems from different manufacturers on a single platform. The platform selected is OS Android.The widespread use of Android on various mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) enables the greatest number of users to collect important data when flying their model airplane and have that data easily available.
You can watch and monitor the data when actually flying your model and the data collected can then be stored, archived and shared. For a more detailed analysis all the data collected during the flight can be tranferred to a PC.

Which RC systems do we support
Currently we are developing the RCDroidBox device for the following systems JETI Duplex, JETI Duplex EX, Hitec and FrSky. For all these systems the production prototypes are ready. But At the moment the implementation for the system JETI Duplex the most advanced. The first reason for this success with JETI Duplex is the direct support given to us from the JETI company which allows us to deliver compatibility to the JETI factory standard. The second reason for this is the high-quality, systematic approach and open design of the telemetry data transmission in the Duplex (Duplex EX) system.

How to use the RCDoridBox
Naturally, a prerequisite for using the RCDoridBox software is to have the RC system hardware component from one of the supported list of manufacturers installed and working correctly in the model. If you are already using such an RC system you can start using RCDroidBox straight away. The only step is to plug the RCDroidBox to the conector where you would normally connect the JetiBox or telemetry terminial from another manufacturer. RCDroidBox will then offer a bluetooth connection to the Android application. The application running On your Android device (2.3. Gingerbread - 4.1. Jelly Bean) will then accept the connection and from this moment you have access to all the data sent by the sensors connected to the receiver telemetry input. What should be noted here is that application is able to display and log data even when using only regular Duplex protocol without EX extension.

The benefits of using the RCDroidBox
You can choose which values from which sensor will be displayed on the screen. You can decide which predefined screen layout is the most suitable one for your model aircraft, after which you can fully focus on piloting your model. The configurable voice output enables the reading of chosen values from the sensors, alarm propagation or to have voice output triggered by selected events. All values delivered by the sensors are stored in the memory and can be written to a file stored on a mobile phone or tablet for further analysis. If you are interested in a deeper investigation then these files can be transfered to PC to a and subsequently analysed by the ALAM file viewer, which is freely downloadable from our website. We do not plan to keep the file format restricted only to this one type, but we intend to provide formats such as CSV, DC-16 log files format, etc. to allow the reading and processing of the files in the way most comfortable for the user.

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Since yesterday I have my new "Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 lite" Mobile.
Android 4.4.4

And now the connection with the DroidBox starts, but after about 4 seconds, the Program was abortet/hold. Now I have the option to report the problem to Google.

Do you have an solution for my phone?

best ragards!

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