RCDroidBox - Countdown

Application provides new feature "Countdown", since version 60.
This function provides user with a countdown watches with time readout or acoustic signalling. Countdown function can be enabled in Setinngs -> Tools -> Countdown. When enabled, a countdown indicator (circle) is displayed in top left corner on telemetry layout.
Countdown is started by tapping on the countdown indicator (Circle in the top right corner). Tapping again will stop the countdown and tapping again will reset it.

Display Countdown
Enables/Disables Countdown feature
Initial Time
Time that will be set before countdown is started
Modulo Time
Number of seconds between time being reported.
Minimum Time
Time when readouts will be more frequent
Minimal message time
Number of seconds between time reported after minimum time was reached.
Time in minutes/m:ss
Time can be shown either in minutes and during last minute in seconds, or it can be shown in minutes:seconds format all the time.
If this is set, the phone will be beeping instead of reading time after reaching the minimum time.